Golf Mindful


What is mindful and mindfulness?

The definition of Mindful is, “conscious or aware of something”.

Mindfulness is active, conscious attention on the present. To be be mindful one needs to be able to observe one’s thoughts, emotions and feelings at the emotional and mental level. The next step is to not judge these thoughts and feeling’s either good or bad.

A great example of this is hitting golf balls at the range. What if you were about to hit a bucket of balls and lets say that there are 100 balls to a bucket. Now what if you wrote down one word on each ball. For example, there would be words written like tired, confused, love, panic, anger, joy, calm, sad, happy, groove, relaxed etc. When we hit our shots we instantly feel something, something that can be represented by one of the golf balls.

Immediately after the shot you experience a ton of different feelings and this can be at the mental, physical and emotional level or all simultaneously.  To look at these independently at the physical level the swing could have been off or the shot felt terrible once the ball left the club and if your one of the better golfers you get to enjoy the opposite on a regular basis. Now we move on to the mental and emotional feelings and one may feel emotions like,  why is my swing off today?, the other shots were great what am I doing now? so on and so forth.

Naturally we chase after the good shots with strict focus trying to replicate them over and over or we focus too much on the bad shots and immediately become consumed by feelings we receive at a mental, physical and emotional level .This is not being mindful.

Instead, act like a spectator of your own shots. What if you had no judgment of your shots and the feelings that went with them? Can you be an impartial witness to your own shots without feeling the after effect of what comes with them?

Jon Kabat Zinn defines mindfulness as:

“Paying attention;

On purpose,

in the present moment, and


I recommend Mindful Meditation and like golf its difficult and take’s practice to feel confident and comfortable.

Stay tuned for my next post to learn more about mindful meditation and how it can help your mental golf game and more.


***For more on mindfulness and mindlessness please visit some great sites.


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